Transport is back….

Transport is back….

“The Inner Chimp” has arrived!!

Hot on the tail of two innovative CD’s comes Brisbane 3 piece Transport’s new 11 track debut album.

The Inner Chimp is an excursion through moods and styles, exploring what it means to live in the time that we do, in the culture that we do. It’s a piece of work that defies pigeonholing.

The Inner Chimp is available NOW on iTunes – get it while it’s hot!

“It’s poppy, angry, eclectic, and heartfelt. It features lots of guitars and the most appealing formulation of Australian rapping I’ve heard anyone do. The lyrics are funny and smart. I break out in a big grin when I hear songs like ‘Upside Down’, ‘This Infidelity’, or ‘The People Have Spoken’; not just because they go off, or because they’re infectious, or because they’re furious — but also because of the shock of recognition, of hearing a piece of Australian art that doesn’t sell itself short, that actually captures something of the experience of being Australian, that has an Australian accent without being self-conscious about it, and that strives to do all that and still push the limits, to be expansive and ambitious. It doesn’t sound like anything on the radio. Anything could happen.” –


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Transport returns for live shows in early 2008! Stay tuned for details…